Doorbell chime has 2 wires attached to each terminal(screw)

Greeting, my doorbell chime has 2 wires connected to front terminal and 2 connected to transformer terminal (not 1 wire each) ? Is it ok to still attach the ring pro power kit 2 ? Also, If I want to bypass the mechanical chime, can I still do this with 2 wire setup (wires may not fit for the bypass connection) ? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Be safe !

Attached is a photo of the chime wiring.

Attached is photo of transformer

Good questions @eddyrol! Thank you for these picture examples.

Regarding the two wires, often times when wires are spliced or combined to complete a connection it is an indication of thin wiring or spliced Cat5. For optimal power flow we recommend a single run of 18 awg (gauge) standard copper wire. Having doubled wiring can create resistance or other variables that might affect power flow.

I recommend also ensuring that power supply is rated for at least 16V 10 VA. If you decide that bypassing the chime kit is the best option, check out our Plug In Adapters which might be a quick and easy solution for powering your Ring Pro. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your informative reply. We are planning on bypassing the door chime and the transformer measures 18.5 volts. Again thank you, and be safe !

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