Doorbell Camera not detecting when offline ..... dangerous !

Just got my V3 ring doorbell today from Amazon.

This was one of my first tests … as an IT & security guy for 40 years. What happens if someone pulls the battery or runs off with the device.

45 Mins after pulling battery (I sneaked underneath the camera from the side of the house), your servers show it as online, the IoS app shows online, the web account login shows online, the health check shows all ok and i’ve had zero push notifications on my phone. Looking at the footage that was last captured you cant see me removing the battery there’s a few seconds but nothing else.

Looking at others that have posted about this issue, it seems the camera should be marked as offline once you try to connect a live stream that then fails. I’ve connected to a live stream on the web login, the ios app and my amazon touch 5. All fail to connect ( as the battery is out) and the device status is still online.

This is a big fail, 60 mins later still showing online. If, as the other posts say, it’s 24 hours before this is picked up, maybe my house was just broken into, the camera is offline and no alerts.

My 2 nest cams push notify me in 60 seconds of being offline, this is really basic stuff about edge devices used for security. Even if I had ring cellular failover, it wouldnt work as the battery is out.

Is this fixable with a setting somewhere?

Update - has taken 24h to now show as offline in the ios App, but that’s me looking for it, there was no notification on my phone or email.

Hi there, @sw34669! Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community. The best way to check on your Ring device connection is through the Device Health section in the Ring app. Of course, for this section to be updated there must be communication received. There are times where a device might fall offline in a manner in which the Ring app does not update status right away, as the last known status was “online”. In this case, it’s best to confirm the online status by attempting a live view from the Ring app. Please also ensure the Ring app is up to date, and no vpn is active on your mobile device, for optimal performance.

If the Ring app is still not updating device health status, try wifi connection only or cell data connection only to test if one method allows your mobile device to communicate quicker. If you have multiple devices, check out our help center article about devices falling offline for more tips.

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