Doorbell call quality over 4G affected by phone wifi setting

Summary: Phone Wifi ON setting is causing poor Ring Doorbell call quality if house wifi out of range, but OFF setting works OK?!

Can anyone help with this issue?

If I am out of range of my wifi (hence just getting a 4G signal), BUT if the wifi setting on my phone is still ON, I get extremely poor quality of the doorbell is rung and I answer on my phone (I get no video or sound and the person at the door gets something that sounds like a few burbles but cannot here my voice.

If I repeat the test, but with my phones wifi settings turned OFF, then I get good quality video and sound.

I conclude that my phone’s attempts to locate a wifi signal is causing poor quality over my 4G connection but has anyone experienced the same issue?

And if so, apart from leaving wifi OFF on my phone when I am out of the house, what can be done about it?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Hey @GrayH. Thank you for bringing up this point as it’s a great thing to make other neighbors aware of if they are running into this situation. Personally, I have also had this happen, as my phone is looking for a connection that I was recently connected to (home wifi, even though I have left). This is something that I’ve seen on other apps I am using that require a strong signal to the internet, whether it’s from wifi or data! Since your phone is needing a strong connection to present a live streaming, that is why if it’s trying to use a not so reliable/strong connection, it won’t work as smoothly as your more stable mobile data connection.

I’m happy to hear you were able to find the work around on this situation. I recommend doing this if you continue to run into this concern, as this will help ensure that you have a proper and fast load time when you need to see your Live View! Hope this helps clear it up for you. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for taking the trouble to reply.

Does my workaround also work for you?

If so, it sounds as though the answer lies in preventing the phone from continually hunting for a wifi signal. I’ll see what I can find out.


@GrayH Yes! Your workout around describes what I have had to do in the past for my Ring app, along with other apps that refuse to load various videos or content when I haven’t been completely disconnected from my wifi network. I know that after being away from my wifi network for long enough, or having enough distance, it normally will stop trying to use it, but I see this happen when I’m in my car, close to my house and my phone knows the wifi signal is there, even though it’s weak!