Doorbell battery life

My ring doorbell (gen 2) battery life last 2 weeks only even after charging it fully each time it drains down & minimizing its sensitivity sensor to the very least level. I had the doorbell for almost 2 months, had to charge twice now in addition to charging during the install. What’s a better option on improving battery life? Ring products that are battery operated have very short lifespan. It won’t make sense having the camera and the need to charge every 2 weeks when I’m away for a month.

Hi @Celine777. The Doorbell’s battery should be lasting longer than this with regular use. Approximately how many events does your Doorbell record each day? This includes motions, dings, and all Live Views. You can check this in the Event History log in your Ring App, as the battery will drain quickly if you’re experiencing a large number of events. Also, what is your Motion Frequency set to? I’d be happy to offer some helpful suggestions once I have some more information. :slight_smile: