Doorbell at Front Gate Keypad

Has anyone had success putting a Ring Doorbell at the end of a long (approximately 100 feet) driveway, ending in a front gate? We moved into a new house with a front gate and keypad out front.

I know metal interferes with the signal, but I bought a Doorbell 3 because of better wifi connection to try it. I stuck it on the side of the keypad, tried putting one of our Google Wifi nodes out front, a Chime Pro out front, etc., but the RSSI stayed at 88 and froze. I bought a wood mailbox post to potentially mount it next to the keypad, but I didn’t see much improvement in signal.

I have a stick up cam and spotlight cam that maintain reasonable connection at that location with no extra boost. Worst case scenario, I’ll do that, but I’d prefer to have a doorbell to allow folks to let us know they’re at the gate. Normally, the keypad would ring a doorbell, but we have no home phone.

I don’t need the gate operator, as our gate already can be operated remotely via MyQ.

Glad you asked @drjosh! This is going to depend greatly on wifi resources and equipment. As it sounds like you have multiple access points in the home, dedicating one to this location and placing it as close as possible will be the best way to obtain the necessary resources.

A linear 100 feet can be a tough distance for wifi to travel once the exterior wall and any other walls/ interferences are factored in. For this setup, I recommend using your 2.4 Ghz channel frequency as it is most dependable over great distance. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing this signal strength. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I was able to test it out with a Chime Pro on an extension cord partway through the driveway, and that got me a strong signal to work, so I’ve got a weatherproof box coming to house it.

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