Doorbell and chime keep disconnecting


It’s been two months my company owns a Ring Doorbell 2 (with up-to-date firmware, battery powered, RSSI 48) and a Ring Chime (1.1.27 firmware, RSSI 27). From time to time - at least once per week - one of them two doesn’t work fine. Usually for the Chime, the Ring logo blinks so the solution is simply to unplug and plug back the device… but already this is annoying. For the doorbell, it is more unpleasant situation. For example, I am not present at work today, I know from one of my colleagues the Ring doesn’t work fine (it rings itself but the Chime doesn’t). If I check on the smartphone app, both devices are shown “Online”. On the Chime’s device health, I can see the “Last Health Check” has been done “Today 14:35” (when I write these lines, it’s 14:37). On the Doorbell’s device health, the “Last Health Check” has been done “Yesterday 01:40”). If I try to see the “Live View”, it loops on “Activating device” before showing “Failed to connect - We’re having trouble connecting to your Doorbell 2”.

It is extremely disappointing as it seems the devices are not stable. How is it possible that the app shows that the Doorbell is “Online” ? Shouldn’t there be some notifications from the app if a device is not available anymore ?

It may be the case that my internet connection at work has some “microcuts” from time to time, but still it is strange the devices can’t reconnect properly…

Thanks for your help.

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More information…

I’ve tried restarting my WiFi router, the doorbell is still unreachable. The only way it can work again is to take out the battery and to place it back.

Shouldn’t there be a patch for that ? Thanks.

Hi @Sicabol. For most work place routers and wifi networks, they will automatically have more security ports closed and protocols not in order. This is of course to avoid unnecessary traffic that the router is getting with such a large amount of people using it, and also for increased security depending on the security level the company seems fit. There’s most likely just some settings that need to be adjusted on the router’s network. You can learn more about these settings here.

If after making sure that all ports are open and everything is taken care of, please monitor the activity from there. Additionally, you will need to go into the Ring app > Devices > Select the Doorbell > Linked Chimes > and ensure that the Chime and Doorbell are still linked. :smiley_cat:

Thanks for your answer, Chelsea.

Sadly it doesn’t help. The Ring Doorbell works most of the time (I can access the live feed and the chime rings)… so there is no router configuration problem. Still it disconnects erraticly, and the app doesn’t help to know when it is disconnected (see my first post).

And worst, when the Doorbell doesn’t work, as I’ve said earlier, it is shown as connected in the Android app. When the Chime doesn’t work, the logo blinks and it is shown as disconnected in the Android app, which is “normal” if you consider the fact that the Chime can disconnects from time to time is “normal”.

I have to admit I am very disappointed by the device in general, the video and audio are useless (because laggy even with a good WiFi connection), in the end I should find an easier solution with radio link to chimes, it would be less expensive and less time-consuming.

@SicabolI completely understand where you’re coming from on this! Sometimes these router configurations, if not to the standards that the Ring devices request, can also result in these spotty times of working and not working. Normally, when the router is doing it’s daily or weekly maintenance, this could also be around the time this is happening for you.

Although, I do have an appropriate next step for you. I’m not sure if this concern is still active and on going as you discuss this with me, but if it is, please reach out to our support team here. If everything is working as intended for now, please wait until this happens again, if it does, and reach out to our support team. They are available 24/7 for you. The added benefit of reaching out to them is that they can take a deeper look into your account while the devices are not working as they should to isolate this and get it back to working as normal!

Please feel free to come back to this thread and let us know how it went. I would be happy to hear what the resolution was for you, and this can help other neighbors in the future if they run into this as well. :smiley_cat: