Doorbell and camera not picking anything up

Has anyone experienced the following please? I’ve got a ring doorbell 2 - battery powered and a spotlight cam. I’ve also got an original chime. My doorbell and camera are showing as online, my chime is showing offline and the chime has no blue light on - I can’t remember if it’s meant to though . Both my doorbell and camera are connected to a wifi extender which is working fine for other devices. It’s not picked up any motion etc since yesterday evening. Motion is switched on, batteries are Ok. Live view is also not working. I’ve taken the batteries out and put them back in, both devices flash but still don’t pick anything up. Thanks

It also says last health check was yesterday evening. Thanks

Hi @Jedibrown85. This sounds like it could be a network related issue. I would try unplugging your internet router for about 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. Once your wifi is restored, I would reconnect your Ring devices to wifi. You can do this in the Ring App by selecting- Menu > Devices > (Ring Device) > Device Health > Change Wifi Network and then following the on screen prompts. Let me know if you have any other questions!