Doorbell alerts

When I leave my house the ring doorbell alert me when I reach the sidewalk from my walkway. But when I come home I walk all the way up my walkway and I am on my front porch before it alerts me. It should alert me at the foot of my walkway near the sidewalk.

Hey @martymeeks. It should just be a delay that is due to your phone disconnecting/reconnecting to your wifi when you are leaving your home. Also, there will naturally be a delay when receiving notifications. This is because the Doorbell, when it senses motion, will start recording and then send out the notification. From there, this is sent to your router, which then has to send the notification out to your phone, or the nearest cell phone tower that your phone is connected to (if your wifi is disconnected).

This will naturally cause a bit of a delay when getting the notification, and by then you may have walked however far you need to get the notification late. You can look into the Device Health for your Doorbell and check out your RSSI, which you can always lower to improve the performance of how quick the notifications are sent and received.