Doorbell Alarm Integration

I have a Ring alarm that is professionally monitored… I have added a Ring Doorbell Pro and in setting it up I want to know one thing…

If I set the doorbell to be active in home mode, does that mean if someone comes to the door it will set off the alarm and notify the monitoring center?

Hey @john_turner. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro cannot be linked to the Ring Alarm to set off the Alarm. The Home Mode that your Doorbell Pro goes into is described in this Help Article here, as there is “Mode” for the Doorbells and Cameras now, as there is one for the Alarm.

The only way to have the two systems linked at this time is through Linked Devices. With Linked Devices, you can have it set up so that when your Ring Alarm is in entry delay or alarming, the Doorbell is recording. You can learn more about this in this Help Article here.