Doorbell 4 working intermittently

My Ring Doorbell 4 only notifies me of motion intermittently. I’ve tried with and without zones and from min to max sensitivity. I’ve tried with and without smart notifications and advanced motion detection. I can connect and use live link to see motion. Sometimes it doesn’t even see me leave the house (walking right past it) but it sees me come back 5 minutes later.

The doorbell has to “wake up” to take video once it senses motion. If it takes you say less than 10 seconds to walk by and leave your house then likely it hasn’t woken up enough to catch you on video.

Thanks for the response. I’m not convinced this is the case as one day, the postman can be “captured” half way up our steps and the next day, nothing until he presses the doorbell?

You need realistic expectations with the battery powered devices from Ring.
They monitor for motion, but it isn’t every single second. There are times (a few seconds or more depending on your settings) when you doorbell isn’t looking for motion.
Sometimes the person is closer to the door when they are recorded, sometimes they are further away. It’s all about that “down time” when your device isn’t using power.