Doorbell 4 'Offline' problems?

A week this has been up now, I have it setup in my stair, all fine, except every day it will go ‘offline’ and cannot connect with P1-65 error. Resetting router, as device will not allow me to do otherwise, results in it working again after around 15mins. Next day, it goes ‘offline’ again, and cycle repeats.

Power is fine - 100%
I’ve even set a fixed IP in router for the device.
1G connection, WiFi tests show more than enough capability.
Reset done on camera itself, same, works for a few hours, then ‘offline’ error.
Other cameras on Network without problem.

I’m not wanting to go through this every day, as it’s a pain. I have it set on 5GHz, and yes, I have tried different channels.

RT-AX88U Router.

Only thing I can think of, is that this device doesn’t play nice with the 160MHz band?, although, all my other devices negotiate just fine, or it’s a faulty unit?

Yes I have reset all, lol, of course, but it still happens?

Any help appreciated before I send this thing back.

Hi @scaramonga. How far from the router is your Doorbell, and what is the RSSI showing as on the Device Health screen when it is connected to your wifi network? The RSSI is a measure of the signal strength and can tell us if the Doorbell isn’t receiving a strong enough signal to remain connected.

You mentioned that you’re using a 5GHz connection, which doesn’t have as far of an effective range as 2.4GHz. I’d recommend creating a guest network on your router utilizing only 2.4GHz and connect the Doorbell to that. This may offer a more stable connection while still providing sufficient speeds.