Doorbell 4 - Function problems

Hi Community,

I am fighting now since many days with the installation of the Doorbell 4. Basically I got it, It works and the Alexa-connection works too, however, there is still one and the same problem with the function of it.

Following happens: when the Doorbell was used once (f. e. the bell door button was pressed or the live-video was shown on the mobile phone), after the connection is closed / disconnected, the Doorbell starts always to flash white in the whole circle and is blocked. This flashing takes always around 50 - 60 seconds, it stops after 50 - 60 seconds and after that the Dorrbell is again ready to use. And next time, just look shortly in the live-video in my mobile, than closes the live-view, the white ring is flashing again for 60 seconds, the door bell is blocked. This happens always, after every use of it, doesn’t matter if pressed the bell button or showing live-view.

Why it happens like this ? Any idea ??? The RSSI is quite good, it is normally between -46 and - 50. Do you have any experience with such problem ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @Leszek. When you say that the Doorbell is blocked, do you mean that you can’t ring the Doorbell repeatedly, back to back? This is intended as once you ring the Doorbell, it starts recording to capture that event. Then after the recording is done, it is processed shortly and then available to view in the Event History if you have a valid Ring Protect plan. The Doorbell also has to record and process the recording after you access the Live View as well. I hope this helps clear things up a bit. :slight_smile: