Doorbell 3

Hi - for no apparent reason my doorbell stopped working on my app. When I clicked on live view it simply spun and wouldn’t connect. It continued to show motion being detected but when viewed, it was recording a black screen.

I could access the camera in my garden no problem.

Battery health is perfect and signal strength perfect.

The only way I’ve managed to get it to work is to delete the iOS app and reinstall. Now it works.

Why is this as it’s meant I’ve had no security for 2 days?

Thank you

Hey @Marknewcastle. There are two things that may have been happening for you, that may have been addressed with the app refresh or just over time. We do have a Help Center Article here, which details how to fix black video issues by adjusting your router. From time to time, if there is a pour connection that your device has, whether it’s temporary because of your internet connection in your area or the speeds you have, the videos can show as black and the Live View may be inaccessible. If you find you have that concern again, please follow up with that article.

The second possibility is that your Ring app may have not been up to date, or had a bad install. I’ve seen this with out apps that I use, and removing the app and reinstalling it is what makes it work and then I never have the issue again. If you have to continue to uninstall/reinstall the Ring app, even after addressing the black video concern with the article, please let me know!