Doorbell 3 - Very hit and miss.... Unhappy user

I have recently spent a small fortune on RING products both for myself and my daughter, Camera’s & Doorbells.

The doorbell 3 I have, I am very unhappy with. For the last 3 days I get no notifications at all when movement is sensed.

I can start at the top of the drive and walk down in full view of the camera, and get no notifications at all.

What have I done to resolve this:

*Remove app from Android phone and reinstall ------ No change
*Reset the Camera to defaults ----- No Change
*Checked and double checked all settings ----- No Change
*Router rebooted ----- No Change
*Android Phone Rebooted ----- No Change

Its not a Wi-Fi issue as the router is approx. 4m from the doorbell, also door bell shows an RSI of 59
Battery level is good, and there are no issues in the Health check.

Speed test shows I have 110Mb download and 12Mb Upload
Firmware shows as “up to date”
All notifications within the Ring App and on the Android phone are set as they should be, and I dont have any issue with any other apps on my phone

Fairly certain its Application related, if I set my system to AWAY mode, I can then walk in front of a camera, and again no notifications, you can see the blue light activate on the Camera when it detects movement, and Alexa tells me movement is detected, but I get nothing at all on the Android phone.

Phone is Samsung S21 Ultra.

And I have tried it with the other RING App “Rapid Ring” and get the same results.

Getting to the point where I pack it all up and insist on a refund. Whats the point in having a system that doesn’t notify you of instances.

Very unhappy customer.

Try turning up the Sensitivity and Frequency in your motion settings. I find MAX and Frequently are much more productive for my Ring cameras.

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