Doorbell 3 solar charging issue

Hi there i have had. RVD 3 and solar charger in place for about 3 months no issues at all until today - app says the solar charger is connected - but battery is at 30% we are currently having the hottest weather in the uk and until now its been pure rain and ive had no issues with charging at all…

Now with full sun its stopped its cleaned its connected i have re assembled it again but nothing… any soloitions i can try

I aslo removed the battery completely the app said its was connected and charging and working there was no battery attached ?

I am in the US and having same issue since about a week ago. Has charged fine for a year now, no issues even with unsunny weather. Today it is 90 degree and battery still falling in percent of charge. I don’t seem to see anywhere in the app about the solar charger and I always did before but cannot recall where. I don’t want anyone to ask me if there is anything blocking it, visibility to sunlight, etc. It has worked fine for a year. Nothing has changed on my end.

Edit: I did find under Device Health is where Solar Charging is stated. It says it is connected. I will do a recharge manually and see if re-connecting helps.