Doorbell 3 sees new battery and charge level but also says no battery so no live view

I have an issue with my video doorbell 3 (it’s about a year old) where it no longer registers in the health screen that there is a battery connected, but if you go to the main summery screen it shows a full battery (I have swapped numerous batteries)

I have tried resetting the device without much luck, when I do it often it struggles to pick up the WiFi again, the router is about a meter from it and never had connection issues before.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

Apart from that the door bell works fine, it just won’t let me use live view “because there isn’t enough power in the battery … aparently.

I have the same issue with you but no solution yet. I cannot see live view whenever I want with comment of battery low but whenever people come or ring the bell, once I see the notification, i can see the live view and i can ask Alexa show to show the ring bell live view as well.
I have deleted the app and reinstall but no luck.

The ring bell is connected to wire so it cannot be low battery and we can see it from alexa show too.

Hi neighbors. If the battery percentage isn’t updating on the Device Health page, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Perform a reboot using the reboot option on the Device Health page. This should only take a few moments.
  • Ensure your Ring app is fully updated to the latest version available. You can uninstall the Ring app completely, and then reinstall it from the app store to get the current version.
  • Verify that your Ring Doorbell has a good signal. The RSSI is a measure of the signal strength that your Doorbell has.

If this issue persists after trying the troubleshooting steps above, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. You can also get in touch with our support team on Facebook @Ring.

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