doorbell 3+ recently failing

I have two of the doorbell 3+ and two of the floodlight cams. The floodlight cams and one doorbell work fine, the other doorbell has recently become problematic. I can no longer get live view to connect and it also stopped recording/playing audio. This doorbell has the best RSSI of the 4, typically around -45. This has happened to this doorbell at least 2 times before and the only thing to fix it, is a reboot. Currently, I’m out of town and can’t do the reset. I have no idea why this one doorbell has become flaky :confounded:

How do you do a reboot? I’ve only had my Ring 3 a few days and it is flaking out.

For a reboot, just remove the face plate and pull the battery and then reassemble. As of today, my doorbell is working again. Last night I enabled ‘band steering’ on my eero pro mesh system and rebooted it. The doorbell is now connecting to the 5 ghz band and not the 2.4 ghz. We’ll see how things go…

Just as a follwup, the problematic doorbell has been rock solid since connecting to the 5ghz network. I don’t understand why the floodlight cams, which are 2.4 ghz have no issues whatsover for me. Maybe they have better wifi antennas/radios in them, than the doorbells. :neutral_face:

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