Doorbell 3 problems

Just got a ring 3. Even though I charged it fully per the instructions (even though I’m hard wired in) it only works a few hours then dies. I have to charge the battery again, but it takes almost 24 hours until the battery is charged. Only then can I run setup successfully again but it only works a few hours, have to 24 hour charge and play the same game all week. I think Ring gave me a “new” bad battrery. And yes I have a repeater near the doorbell, the signal is very strong. I’m glad I didn’t install the 3 other ring cams I bought at the same time, time to return them. Even if it worked, you can only have live view for 10 minutes at a time? That makes this worthless to me. I’ve had cctv systems all my life, never seen that lack of a basic feature before (continuous live view). Vent over (or is it, ‘bent’ over? I’m guessing both)