Doorbell 3 plus shows offline but able to send in new snapshot every 12 mins

my router went back online after a power outage (or a internet drop). but my ring doorbell 3 plus still shows its offline(even router app shows its connected). the strange thing is the doorbell is still able to update snapshot every 12 mins to the ring website dashboard. So its not really offline but the software thinks its offline.

just a wild guess but i think the cache that set the is_online bool is not properly reset/clear after a disconnection. and the sending snapshot logic wont check this bool before sending one but all other functions (live view/ sending motion alert) will check this bool.

please debug and give us a fix.

Mine has shown “offline” since last night. I cannot view “live view” but the cameras still activate with motion, it’s annoying.

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Seems we have to be the testers for updates that have problems

Ring Doorbell 3 plus shows offline but able to send in snapshot/video when motion is detected. Cannot view live stream . Echo says front door is offline and cannot show image.

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Hi neighbors! You can find a similar thread about this topic here. I’ve shared some information that may be helpful as well as provided contact details so you can contact our support team if this concern persists. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

What do you expect from a company that cannot even get the time stamps for the postings correct? They are simply clue- and careless.