Doorbell 3 plus needs a transformer?

Dear Experts, does the ring Doorbell 3 plus needs a ring transformer to work wired? I have a doorbell 3 plus and I have installed with a battery and connected the wires back of it. But I see it’s not charging and showing only battery as power source even though I have connected wires in the back. Please advise. I don’t want to struggle with charging the battery and change every time. Thanks.

How many volts is your regular door bell transformer? I had to set mine to 24 v 20 va to charge. Anything less than that and it did not charge for me.

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My regular bells supplies only 12v I think. But I read some where that all the ring doorbell 2 and above (doorbell 3, 3 Plus, 2020 models) all can be supplied power via battery and hard wired also. When you hardwire, the battery will take the trickle power from existing door bell power supply and charge the battery. The ring doorbell can then be run on battery. Isn’t that true ? Please advise.

See below.


Dear experts, Any suggestions on this post please help?

Hi @ringc145. As @ErzaCornell mentioned, this could be due to a lack of power with your transformer. If your transformer isn’t a 8-24VAC 30VA, it might not have sufficient power. You are correct that the hardwiring only serves as a trickle charge, and not a main power source. I would advise to start with a fully charged battery and then hardwire it once you’ve confirmed your transformer is adequate. I hope this helps!