Doorbell 3 Plus Hardwiring

Can someone please give me a definitive answer on this?

I have a Ring Doorbell 3 Plus. I have a 24VAC transformer.

I do not have any other doorbells anywhere near the house. I simply want to hardwire my Ring 3 Plus (not a Ring 1, or a Ring 2, or a Pro, or anything else) to the transformer. Only the Ring 3 Plus will be connected to it.

Do I need to use a resistor?

I accidentally came across an article on Ring’s website yesterday that said no because the ‘3’ series has the components built-in, but now I can’t find it again, and all the ones I can find say you should use a resistor!

So do I need one?

Ah. Here it is:,on%20Ring%27s%20first%20community%20forum.

It clearly says no resistor is needed with the 3 Plus, but it isn’t a specific installation article - just an ‘upgrading’ one.

And yet so many other installation articles either don’t say anything about a resistor, or state that one is needed.

Hi @Sualdam. When installing a Ring Video Doorbell 3, a resistor is not required. When upgrading from a previous model, you may need to take the resistor out of the circuit, as previous models required an installation of a resistor. I hope this information helps!


Thank you

Yes, first time install of a Ring 3 Plus, watched the you tube videos and posts that said the resistor was required. I got the right voltage readings where expected but the existing mechanical chime wouldn’t ring. Removed the resistor and bingo - worked as expected and was louder than before (as expected) with only a 10VA transformer originally. I used a 16 VAC (read 19 volts at the terminals) 30 VA transformer.

For me, the problem was mainly due to the fact that all the online stuff assumed you had a mechanical chime as well, and was a mix of generation 1, generation 2. generation 3, and Pro.

I just needed a yes or no on the 3 Plus - and only the 3 plus - being weired on its own with no other stuff wired to it.

Anyway, I got it hardwired no problem once I knew not to bother with the resistor (which I’d bought two of just in case).