Doorbell 3 plus Can not connect to wifi

2 days ago, my 3 plus disconnected from wifi for no reason. I did not notice it until today but I can not connect it back no matter what I try. the door bell still power up normally, it will ring when plush bottom.
I tried rebooting the door bell, router, and modem. The doorbell is 10 feet away from the router.
I also tried reconnect the door bell, and the whith light always flashed right.
tried hard reset and then reconnect, but still nothing.

I feel like I have try every possible way.

remove device from app. hard reset the bell. setup like new device. works fine for now

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Hi @lightweiwei. Iā€™m glad to hear you got this resolved! I marked your response as a solution in case any other neighbors have a similar concern, that way they can try the troubleshooting steps that worked for you. :slight_smile: