Doorbell 3 not detecting motion

I have a doorbell 3 and it is missing motion events on a regular basis. Both frequency and sensitivity are at their highest settings, it has a strong wifi connection, and device health showed no issues.

This was noticed after installing a ring floodlight

Hi @DKosa. Your Ring Doorbell 3 is designed to detect motion from visitors as they come to your front door, so it may not capture exactly the same events as your Floodlight Cam captures, since they will have different fields of view. You can find some helpful tips and information on how to optimize the motion detection on your Doorbell in our guide here. Sometimes adjusting the Doorbell’s position or angle can help ensure it is capturing visitors coming to your door, and you will find more information on that in the guide I linked. It may take some trial and error with the settings, as everyone’s home is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your preferences when it comes to your home security. :slight_smile: