Doorbell 3 no audio to devices

Two-way talk on Doorbell 3 receives audio from iPhone Xs, Ipad Pro, iMac and Macbook Air when answering ring. Doorbell 3 microphone records audio OK during normal recording operation. Doorbell 3 microphone does not operate/transmit audio to any device (iOS or MacOS) when attempting two-way talk.

Cannot find any button/toggle icon on Ring App to activate or test Ring Doorbell microphone. Checked all settings to allow permissions and all set correctly. Installed and re-installed App but still no fix.

Anyone else have this issue? Is there a solution? Can someone send me the solution if possible?.

Lots of solutions available for the reverse of this problem on Ring web site and others.

Try removing the battery from the device. Give it a few minutes and power back up the device!

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