Doorbell 3 Motion settings

My Doorbell 3 has always had an issue detecting motion at my front door. I’ve played with every setting and don’t know what else to do. My motion zones are set as shown. The camera will alert on a car on the street to the right and outside of the zone, but will not detect a car pulling into my own driveway. Most times, someone can drive into my driveway and walk almost to the door before the camera will detect them. I currently have the camera sensitivity set all the way to max.

RSSI is 57 and the camera is on it’s own wifi network on a wired access point about 10’ inside the house.

Try turning off advanced motion detection and edit the zones.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve turned advanced motion detection off. I’ll see how it responds now with this off. But I don’t know how much smaller I can make the zone without losing the area I want detection. Unless I just try it with the zone line parallel with the street and eliminate the street altogether.
Before I saw your response, I had scaled back the sensitivity to about 50%. A truck pulled into my driveway this morning, and nothing was detected until the driver was at my front door. A large Amazon delivery truck can pull into the drive and it won’t detect until the person is at the front door.

Still not right. FedEx drove in and walked all the way to the door before he was picked up, but I’m still getting misc cars out on the street. It’s like it alerts on far away objects better than up close.

Hi, theEdge! I am having the same exact issue with one difference. My Ring does not detect anyone or anything within my motion zone at all! I am getting alerts for everything outside of my zone and not getting them for anything inside my zone. I am at my wits end! Did you figure out a fix for this issue??