Doorbell 3 is a brick

My new Doorbell 3 has been working for about a week. Today it has bricked - motion and doorbell presses do nothing. Weirdly, even with the battery removed the app says the device is still connected and still healthy. Seriously considering sending it back - don’t want to rely on something this flaky.

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Sorry to hear about this @IanJ! If your device is not updating status in the app and is not responding to motion events, this is an indicator of it being offline. The best first step will be to ensure the battery is sufficiently charged, and then attempting a new setup in the Ring app. The setup should complete, and your device should reconnect to your home wifi.

Please also check on your RSSI, which is a great way to confirm wifi signal strength to your Ring device. Check our Community post to learn more about RSSI. If setup is not completing, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device, and trying again. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: