Doorbell 3. Have to remove and reinsert battery to work

I’ve had my Ring 3 doorbell for about 3 weeks. It would work a few days then stop. I was figuring it was the internet connection so I got a Chime pro. Internet connection is fine now. Battery fully charged. I now realize what I have to do is every couple days remove the battery and reinsert it and it’s good for another day or 2. This is quite annoying. The doorbell is also hardwired and the doorbell itself works all the time. Any suggestions?

Hi @thedemps. What is the RSSI of the Doorbell? You can find this information in the Ring app under the Device Health section. You can also perform a reset of the device and then monitor its behavior after, to see if it improves. To reset the Doorbell, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release it. After 1 minute, the Doorbell will reset and you can reconnect it to wifi. I hope this information helps!