Doorbell 3 Hardwired but losing charge

I’ve just replaced my ring doorbell 1 with doorbell 3, both were/are hardwired but the latter is losing charge at an alarming rate, both settings were set at the same level of use but doorbell 3 is not holding charge, please advise

Hi there, @Lonni1234! The best first step is to check out our Community post about battery drain. These tips will help optimize battery usage. Using too much battery can make a provided charge ineffective, thus fine tuning motion and other usage factors will help with charging. As this time of year is cold in temperature for many regions, it is important to note that extreme or cold temperatures can drain battery as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar issue with my Doorbell 2. Last winter I didn’t seem to have a problem retaining a battery charge with it hardwired- this year it is.

Can we execute a warranty replacement when the battery isn’t able to be trickle charged while hardwired??