Doorbell 3 Full Screen alerts

Hi All,

New to this Doorbell World.

i purchased the new doorbell3 yesterday and set it up but immediately noticed its not showing me automatic video when someone rings the bell at the door. It send me an alert which i have to tap to get the live view? that how its meant to behave?..if yes then its kind of a FAIL

i was under the impression the video pops up as soon as someone rings…if it doesnt then that kind of defeats the purpose…

or is there somethign I am doing wrong.



Hey @varunj17. You will need to click on Push notification in order to view the Live View, as there is not a way to have the Ring Push notification automatically show the Live View. If you have an Alexa show, whenever someone presses the Doorbell, you can have it set up so that Alexa Show automatically pulls up your Live View, though! This is for only when the button is pressed, and not for motion events. Thank you for your feedback on this though!

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