Doorbell 3+ forced on 2.4 Ghz

I have had to Doorbell 3 plus installed for a week or so and it’s working well. When I check health there is a “poor internet connection “ occasionally. Unit is mount on brick and very close to Orbi mesh router. It’s connected at 5 ghz.

I’m thinking about turning the 5 ghz transmitter off and reconnecting the doorbell hoping to force 2.4 connection in attempt to improve the Wi-Fi at the doorbell. (Speeds are good, just the RSSI can get to
-74). Any thoughts if this would work? Or, since the doorbell video and audio work well should I ignore the warning and not mess with it?

Mine defaulted to 2.4GHz but I reset manually to 5GHz on memory that was better for video streams. Got RSSI - 42 constant. Not using mesh though. Don’t know if that helps you or not. I’ve been having issues accessing live feed and when ring event. Suspect maybe smart notifications.