Doorbell 3 does not always register motion

Had many wi-fi problems with my new Doorbell 3+ which I thought I’d cured after installing a wi-fi booster, the RSSI is now registering 50. The problem I now have is that the camera never seems to want to log onto live view, it times out after about 10 seconds & always takes at least 2 attempts to log on. The second problem I’m having is that camera doesn’t always detect live motion & record, probably missing at least 50%, this includes postman visits & cars comming up the drive. It’s missed 2 events this afternoon, one was an “on foot” delivery of a bundle of newspapers & the second was me leaving the house in the car, although it did pick up my return. At the rear of the house, I have also installed 2 Stick Up cameras which seem to work fine, they always log to live immediently & always react to & record motion, even though the RSSI is higher at around 65, & that’s using an existing wi-fi booster I have in a conservatory! I didn’t expect to have to spend £20 on a wi-fi range booster & have so much hassle/unreliablity with the door bell for what is a moderately expensive product! What’s wrong with the dor bell, is it faulty?

Hi @Karis The Doorbell is designed to pickup visitors at your door primarily as opposed to cars, but vehicles will still be picked up sometimes as well. To ensure visitors at your door are being captured, you can try adjusting some of the settings. First, I’d recommend reviewing our Help Center Articles on Motion Frequency here and on how our motion detection works here. If you continue to have motion detection concerns, I’d recommend touching base with our support team at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the resopnse. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time looking at/understanding/changing the motion settings but this has had no effect as the doorbell camera is still not picking up a large % of motion events. The latest failure was early this morning; today was rubbish bin day but I noticed this morning our wheelie bin was not at the bottom of the drive. On checking I found it outside our back gate, someone had brought it 60m up the drive, passing the doorbell camera. This has never happend before in the 16 years weve been at the property so it’s either the bin man looking for a Christmas bonus or someone playing silly bu**ers. I checked the doorbell event history expecting to see who had moved it but nothing; the last motion event was me taking the bin down the drive late yesterday evening.

We have no children or pets & the total number of motion events I would expect in a typical 24 hour day would be around 6-10. If the door bell is not faulty, I would say it’s unfit for purpose! I’ve listed below the current device settings:

  • People only mode is off
  • There are no motion schedules set
  • Motion frequency is set to regular
  • Customisable motion detection has been adjusted to eliminate passing events in the road, there is no public footpath. The centre zone has been reduced to a line at the bottom of the drive, this is 20m from the front door with the last 10m on an approximate 10 degree slope down to the road.
  • Motion sensitivity is set at max
  • RSSI is 50

The whole point of me getting the bell was to make our property more secure as we’ve had a couple of recent break-ins along our rural road, the device is of no use at all if it’s missing 50% of motion events. As I said the 2 stick up cameras I’ve put in the garden are picking up 100% of motion events. What now?

PS: In the last 30 minutes, someone (a neighbour) has posted a handfull of Christmas cards through the front door, I’ve checked &, once again, there is no event history recorded!