Doorbell 3 constant buzzing from wired doorbell unit inside the house

We just installed a new doorbell 3 and we noticed that we are getting constant buzzing from the inside the house wired doorbell chime unit. I also notice the doorbell 3 unit itself gets hot after connection.
I disconnect the doorbell 3 unit and the buzzing goes away, connect back in buzzing continues. also, when you ring the door bell, you hear stronger buzzing from the unit.
I re connect the old boring door bell and no buzzing and everything is smooth.

by the way this is a new house construction, we just move in 4 month ago. everything is new.

any help or advice is very much appreciated,

Hey @iFrancis. What kind of internal chime kit do you have? You can verify if it’s compatible in our Help Center Article here.

I had the exact same problem. After one year of no issues at all, the Ring doorbell wouldn’t turn on and the doorbell chime would buzz and half ring every 30 seconds or so. Super annoying!

It turned out that the wires connecting to the Ring doorbell was shorted! The wire insulation had worn out and the bare wires were touching each other. I was able to fix by wrapping electrical tape over the exposed parts of the wire.

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