Doorbell 3 - Adjust Motion Zones

I have recently bought the Doorbell 3. My Ring App offers me only 4 motion zones
1 half circle 3-4m from the camera

1 field 4m+ from the camera (left, middle, right)

which I can only switch on and off.

The middle field is too big and covers the street in front of our house. But I can only set on or off. If it’s on, the street is covered (what I don’t want), if it’s off not all people moving to the door are captured by the video.

I have seen on websites, that I can invididually adjust the motion zones but my app does not offer that option.

What can I do to change this?

Hi there @AliOpi. The Doorbell 3 offers Adjustable Motion Zones, which are what you’re seeing in the Ring App. This is intended, and the other Motion Zones you’re referring to are likely the Customizable Motion Zones that are available for our hardwired devices, such as the Doorbell Pro. You can learn more about motion detection in our Help Center article here. I hope this helps clear up any confusion on what features are available for your Doorbell! :slight_smile:

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I am very disappointed in the Doorbell 3 that Zi just received. I am not able to adjust the motion zones, only in and off. I did not see that explanation when I ordered it. Now I am not able to adjust the motion detection to my driveway as I wanted to, that was why I ordered the ring. Be aware of this if you order the Doorbell ring, you need the pro version to manage the motion zones.

I think you’re missing the point of what they are trying to say. There is no option to adjust the motion zone. In your repsonse, you said that “the Doorbell 3 offers Adjustable Motion Zones”… the problem is that THEY DO NOT ADJUST. There is NO WAY to adjust the zones.

When I first received the doorbell, there was a slider that let you adjust the distance of what is covered in the zone, but that went away with an update a couple weeks after I received the doorbell. THERE IS NO WAY TO ADJUST THE ZONE… and that is a HUGE problem. How has this not been corrected???

Great question. I’m trying to adjust motion area and I can’t. Will it ever be an option??? I hope so

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