doorbell 2nd gen adding a transformer

I got the video doorbell 2nd gen. Fully charged it. Installed it and added a transformer, one that met what is needed. When I check the battery health it says wired but the battery I noticed said 85%. My question is does the transformer actually charge the battery? Will it still drain? I have had it connected for a few weeks and just looked at this feature.

Hi @PLS. If you have a hardwired Ring Video Doorbell, it will still primarily run off of the battery. The hardwiring works as a trickle charged and will maintain the battery level, depending on the usage of the Doorbell. It is possible that after sometime of have the Doorbell hardwired, you might need to “top off” the battery. Again, this will be dependant on the amount of usage the Doorbell receives and the the wifi strength. I hope this answers your question!