Doorbell 2020 release stopped connecting to wifi

Doorbell worked perfect for a whole year, it stopped working this week and it won’t connect to wifi. Wifi is not the problem. Any suggestions.

Having same issue with doorbell. Have 2020 release in Venetian Bronze colour. It repeatedly disconnects from wifi even though the signal strength is good. Could disconnect up to 8 times per day and no reason I can find for the issue. Device health and status all say good but issue is continuous.

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Hi Neighbors. What is the RSSI for your device? This can be found in the Device Health menu on the Ring app. Have you tried rebooting your WiFi router? What specific part of the reconnection process is the Doorbell having an issue with?

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couldn’t be able to tell you, in desperation of getting it fixed I disconnected the device from the ring app to try and connect again but it couldn’t connect again because it’s able to read the QR code, however its unable to connect to WIFI which makes it impossible to get past the set up process. If anyone cold tell me if there’s a way to fix all of this or if the only option is to get it replaced, I would greatly appreciate it because the camera was not cheap and its frustrating thing to deal with.

Hi @C.riv. During setup, try selecting the “Setup Without Scanning” option. I suggest bringing the Doorbell in the house, close to your router for setup. Once the Doorbell is online, you can move it back to your mounting location. I hope this helps!

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Hi tom, already tried that, unfortunately the problem is it does not recognize WIFI anymore, It doesn’t connect to WIFI. Whether I scan or don’t scan the QR code it does not recognize WIFI anymore. I am sure the only option now is to get it replaced.