Doorbell 2 w/Plug-In Adapter

I’ve purchased a condo that doesn’t have a preexisting doorbell. To avoid swapping out batteries I’ve purchased the Ring Plug-In Adapter so the doorbell will receive power from a nearby 120v outlet. When installing the doorbell do I leave the rechargeable battery in the unit or do I removed the battery before connecting the adapter?

I had a similar setup as well. For the Doorbell 2 you will need to fully charge the battery first.
As for the Ring power adapter. I hooked it up to my doorbell and it still slowly drained even with great signal. I had to charge the battery almost every week or two. At Christmas I was able to get the Pro for $130. That was a great price. I now have the Pro and using the same adapter. No more battery to deal with at all but if the power goes out I have it plugged into a battery backup that will run for a few hours if needed.

Thank you for your quick reply. I find the fact that you still had to manually recharge the battery every couple of weeks or so to be curious. The Plug-In Adapter should be sending current to the unit 24/7/365 unless there’s a power outage. It sounds as if the adapter wasn’t sending power for some reason.

But back to the original question about leaving the battery in or not it sounds as if you left the battery in. Is that correct?

Yes, you need the battery in the doorbell. I thought like you did but it just didn’t cut it. The pro works and says hardwired with the same adapter. Hopefully you’ll get better results than I did.

OK, that solves that. I appreciate your advice.