Doorbell 2 unusable after updates

My doorbell received the People Only mode and Motion Verification updates recently. Since then my choice is to get every leaf movement on an oak tree 30’ away, or get the ear & cheek of someone as they open the door. I have tried turning off both features, or keeping either one on, or my house is on a hill mode, or I am not facing the street, or I am facing the street, 10’ from street, 30’ from street. Whatever settings I use, it has stopped reponding to motion reliably. Either it detects none at all, or it does when someone it 1’ from the door. Is anyone else having this issue?

Any suggestions anyone?

Go into Devices/Doorbell (whatever you named it)/Motion Settings/Motion Frequency. Select “Light”. That is what helped me.

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Hey @HouTX. Have you tried turning off People Only mode and/or Motion Verification mode to see if this helps your motion events? Occasionally when in People Only Mode, light reflection, as from an outside window, can activate motion detection. If you’re getting a lot of unwanted notifications look for reflective surfaces that may be shining light onto your device. I recommend trying to disable either/or/both of these features to see if the motion events return to normal! If it continues to be off or not right, reach out to our support team here.

As indicated in my post, I have already tried all that. Furthermore ALL settings still gets the person 3’ from the doorbell max.

@HouTX My apologizes for missing that! I must have not had a clear understanding, but I understand that you’ve tried all different combinations of the settings to no avail. Could you share a video example of what this looks like, with the video starting with the person being too close to the Doorbell? Just so other members in the Community can see exactly what you’re running into. Also, I do recommend still reaching out to our support team over the phone to have their advanced troubleshooting agents take a deeper look into this! Feel free to let us know how that goes as well.