Doorbell 2 solar charger

I bought a solar charger over a month ago after noticing that my battery last significantly less than before i.e. it now last for about 2 weeks where before it would last about 2 months. The solar charger status shows it is connected but very often it states that the sunlight is insufficient to charge battery (this is in stark contrast to the separte solar unit I have for my eight deck lights that come on without fail). On occasions the charger status shows it’s charging but there is no increase to the battery power level. In fact, it decreases. Can anyone help!?

Hi there, @KenQR! When using the Solar Charging bracket for the Doorbell, the best way to optimize charge is by fine tuning usage. Often times, the Doorbell will see the most interaction when mounted at the main entryway. In addition to fine tuning usage through motion settings and limiting the frequency of live views, considering environmental factors can also help. As mentioned in our Community post about battery drain, cold temperature can drain batteries. If you live in a colder region, this could also factor into the draining of the battery. This means that several hours of direct sunlight daily will be crucial for providing an effective charge, in addition to the tips mentioned above. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: