Doorbell 2 - Recent Update Broke Motion Detection

Motion detection has been working fine for 6+ months on my Doorbell 2. Some recent update - with no changes to any of my settings - has made it so the Doorbell doesn’t detect someone walking right in front of the camera twice (mailman). You have to literally stand in front of the camera for mutiple seconds for it to finally catch something.

I have adjusted settings: Motion Verification on and off, Frequency was always Low and worked fine updated to Standard and didn’t change, Smart Alerts on and off. Nothing fixes it to working perfectly fine a couple weeks ago.


That is same issue we are facing. Alerts don’t work some

I suspect the same

I had that too. Changed my settings, and now it goes thru fits where it sends 10 reports in 5 minutes when nothing is happening, despite setting my alerts for people only

I am also experiencing the same issue. This worked beautifully for 8 months until they did this upgrade. The “fix” suggestions on the Ring help site will not fix this issue. I plan on calling them for assistance.

Does ring review these forums or do we need to open tickets? Motion detection is completely broken after recent updates, I’m lucky to get an alert now only after someone is just about out of frame walking away from my house. Had a delivery person standing in front of my doorbell yesterday for about 30 sec and it did not capture motion until she was leaving

Hey neighbors! @cabner While this is a neighbor to neighbor forum rather than a direct line to support, I’d be happy to chime in and offer some guidance here. It sounds like you’ve been adjusting the settings a bit and playing around with them to see what works best, which is a great first step. What you can try next is a reset and new setup of your Doorbell to refresh its connection and settings.

To reset the Doorbell, hold down the setup button underneath the faceplate for 30 seconds. Once that’s done, you’ll want to walk through a new setup of the Doorbell in the Ring App by following the steps under Set Up a Device. You’ll then want to readjust the settings to help fine-tune them for your home. From there, go ahead and monitor the Doorbell for a day or so and let us know how that works for you! :slight_smile:

My concern is Ring updates broke things, not me. I had 6+ months working fine and then the updates came in for verified motion, etc. recently and since then motion detection has been terrible even after disabling all of them.