Doorbell 2 randomly misses motion - new problem

I’ve had my doorbell for over a year and have only had occasional problems with it missing motion, but lately, for a month or so, it’s been randomly completely missing obvious motion that should be detected. Not just deliveries, but my husband getting the delivery off the porch (he likes to make faces at the camera, in case I’m watching, so it should be picked up), or a neighbor who stood at my door, rolled up a flyer and tucked into my door handle (never got a notification of motion detected). These occurrences cannot be blamed on my settings, because I’ve had the same settings for over a year. There are still some instance where it does detect motion, but it’s missing more than it’s picking up. What’s going on?

Hi @dopey1200. I’d recommend checking the RSSI on your Doorbell to ensure it’s receiving a strong and stable wifi connection. If there’s any interference in the wifi or the connection isn’t stable, this can impact the Doorbell’s ability to detect and record motion. You may also want to try adjusting some of the motion settings, just to make sure everything looks to match up with your preferences. This includes the options under Smart Alerts and Advanced Settings.

If you continue to notice the Doorbell missing motion at your door after checking the RSSI and the settings, I’d suggest resetting your Doorbell. We do have a new feature rolling out that will allow you to reboot your Doorbell or Camera from within the Ring app, which you can learn more about here. If you don’t see that option in your Ring app yet, you can reset your Doorbell by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. After the reset, set it back up in the Ring app with the steps under Set Up a Device.

Thank you Caitlyn, I did make some adjustments - we’ll see if that helps.

Forgot to mention - my RSSI is -62.

I have noticed the exact same problem and it seems to correspond to a new setting added to the alexa app for people recognition. I think the two apps are conflicting. Its dangerous, i am missing people coming to my door and i am very upset about it.

We are experiencing the same type of issue. We have only had our Ring Doorbell for about 2 months and just lately it’s missed a couple of known people on our porch. Our mailbox is right next to our Doorbell and it’s missed the mailman walking up and putting mail into our mailbox.
But it picks up people walking past the front of our house 30 ft away!

If it misses a mailman putting mail in our mailbox, who’s to say it won’t miss someone walking up and taking my mail or package.

NOT a reliable camera in my book.