Doorbell 2 - Not staying charged with Plug-in Adapter

Hi all, I have a doorbell 2 that is plugged in using the OEM plug in adapter:

Device shows hardwired, but it still loses about 5-7% charge a day.

I am getting upwards of 24VA out from the adapter.

I get minimal motion and virtually no doorbell action.

I’ve shortened the wire coming from the transformer as I’ve read elsewhere that that has helped some people, but I had no change in results.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @JasonA! The best way to extend battery life is to fine-tune settings and tailor the device to the environment for optimal motion detection and prioritized events. If this device is mounted in a high traffic area, try reducing sensitivity. Keep in mind, if you commonly live stream for a lengthy amount of time, it can also drain the battery.

Check out our Community post about battery drain for tips and tricks on extending battery life. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, even with very little traffic the battery still drains. I have a non street facing door and get very little activity on the doorbell.

I don’t find a slower drain to be an acceptible solution for a hardwired product in any case.

Issue still not resolved.