Doorbell 2 not detecting people

I have a ring doorbell 2. It has not been detecting people who enter my yard nor vehicles coming into my driveway. It DOES pickup cars going past my house on a street that is parallel to the front of my house where the doorbell is located. I have zones set to cover the edge of the street, my driveway and my front yard. Tech support was helpful in helping me reset the doorbell and updating the firmware. I was hopeful that would fix it.
Last evening I had a teenage enter my front yard and throw an egg at my front door. I looked out the window and saw him running from my front walk which is about 15ft from my doorbell camera. I thought that I would catch him! No such luck. The doorbell caught NOTHING! Glad he did not have a gun. What good is this doorbell if it cannot catch a person in my yard 15 ft from it. Seems after testing it I have to be about 9 ft away for it too start recording. My doorbell is only 2 steps up from ground level. If it picks up cars 30 ft away, buzzing down the street then why can’t it pick up a person running through my yard at 15 ft?

Notice how close to camera I have to get before the camera detects motion. How is this a good security device?

My zones

Walking up to my house from end of driveway. Camera does not pick me up until I am on the front walk about 10 ft from camera.

I would not recommend these devices if one is looking for good security. A good camera should detect a person moving into the designated zones. This camera does not. And yes I have it set up correctly as per the tech person I talked to yesterday. I have -43 RSS and a 50 MGbyte upload and download speed. My router is 15 ft from the doorbell. Do not know what else I can do. And interestingly enough it worked fine a few years ago when I first bought it. I woukd detect people walking down the street and had to reduce my sensitivity and reduce my zone. What changed? UPDATES! They update things to the point they will not work and expect you to buy a new one. Not happening here. RING has lost a customer!