Doorbell 2 not charging

Hi. My ring battery isn’t charging, I have charged the battery to full, plugged it back in and still saying it’s only 3% which stops my device from working? Is this a faulty battery?

Hi @Luke2. When you charged up your battery to full, do you have just a solid green light on the battery, or still an orange and green light? When it’s orange and green, this means that it still needs to charge up, but solid green would mean you’re good to go. From there, you will put the battery back in the Doorbell and it should be able to come back up and working. Although, if your device is showing as offline in the app, you may need to go into the Device Health on the Doorbell’s profile page in the app and hit “reconnect to wifi.”

From there, you should be good to go and the battery level should update after it’s been online and cycled through a ding or motion event. If you’ve put the battery back into the Doorbell when you had the solid green light, and you are getting no response from the Doorbell, no signs of light on the ring around or even after your press the setup button, then you may be looking at a battery concern! If you get to that point and to validate the concern, please reach out to our support team here. :slight_smile:

I had charged it to solid green and have done the reset on the device health and reconnected to my WiFi and that has fixed the issue thank you! If anyone is having the same issue do as it says and it should work ?? Great help thanks

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