Doorbell 2 - No to Poor Motion Detection

I’ve tried all of the settings wizards, walked through the zone and sensitivity settings. Still keep getting people who come to my door and no event recorded. Is there an acknowledged problem with either non-functional sensors, or poor sensor resolution ? Is there a fix ? Or do I need to look at alternatives ?

Hey @randy ! Great work exploring the various motion settings. That is definitely the best first step. As every environment differs, we believe it is important to provide various options and solutions for an optimal experience.

In addition to trial and error with motion settings, utilizing a wedge or corner kit can also help by angling the device to better capture an area. If there are stairs, a porch/ patio, a hill, or even a street in close proximity, a wedge kit is a great way to improve motion detection.

I recommend also checking the motion frequency setting, to ensure it is set to frequent. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a corner kit installed, and yes there are stairs, but it ought to detect someone standing right in front of it - tapping it even - it doesn’t.

I have the same problem… perhaps a bad software update?

My suspicion is a bad sensor - which could be the result of a software issue, or hardware failure. I’ll do more testing this weekend. Then depending on outcome, return for replacement if defective, or go to another vendor (Arlo) if I can’t get a satisfactory resolution.

Still batting 1000 - another package delivered (4 total) with no alert, no detection - nothing. My Ring Doorbell is only …a doorbell. To think I replaced a dumb doorbell with an expensive “dumb” doorbell…

I received and installed mine last night. Exact same problem. A gorilla could walk up my steps to my front door and I’d never even know it. Yet I get motion sensor alerts when there’s no activity out front. Not even close to working like it should.

What really concerns me is that I also purchased an extensive Ring Alarm setup, and am now afraid it is of the same quality as their Ring Doorbell 2, and so I’m contemplating just returning it all going with Simplisafe.

UPDATE: I called Tech Support at 800-656-1918, and they looked at it (my Doorbell 2), determined what error code applied, walked me through testing it, forcing a software update/reload via setting it up again. Still have the issue with no motion detection, but they are sending out a replacement unit. Good service. Will keep u updated.

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My unit is doing this too – all of a sudden very poor motion detection after a year. Did you ever get another answer other than a new unit? Did the new unit work as it should?