Doorbell 2 loosing charge

I have a Video Doorbell 2 that was hard-wired. It appears the chime in my home has a transformer that was too strong for the doorbell. When wired up, the chime would be constantly engaged (as if someone was holding down the doorbell button) causing the electric motor to overheat. I purchased a Ring Pro Powerkit Version 2. I installed it on the chime and that solved the problem of the chime being engaged. However this caused the signal to the doorbell button to be too weak and the battery began to slowly loose charge and not ring the chime when the button was pressed.
So I disconnected the wires and purchased a solar panel and some Ring chimes. Set everything up. The solar panel has unobstructed western sun, but is still loosing charge.
Would it cause issues if I had both the transformer wires and the solar panel wires attached to the doorbell?

Hi @HMetzger. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is only capable of using one additional power source. It would not take power from solar and the transformer. What is the voltage rating on your transformer? Also, you may need to change some settings in your Ring app to get your chime kit to function properly. You’ll need to open the Device Settings menu, then the General Settings menu and select if you have a mechanical or digital chime kit. Let me know if this helps.

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I have a similar issue when the temperature gets cold. Battery discharges much faster and the doorbell needs to be removed and recharged. Unfortunately there is nobody home for 5 months and the video does not operate if the battery fails. I am going to ask Ring to replace the doorbell 2 with a wired doorbell that does not require the battery to be charged when nobody is there. How can i do this under my protect warranty ?