Doorbell 2 lenses peeling

Hi I have a doorbell 2 that is not 2 years old and my lenses is peeling and left me with a very dissatisfied pictures how do I contact any one for a replacement unit .

Hey @Nigel879. To contact support and verify if you are still within warranty for a replacement, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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Thank you for your help a replacement is being sent to me

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My lens has peeled! Can you help me too?

Mine has peeled as well and the picture is blurred on one side. I am sure it is no longer warranty as it was my first ring device. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Mine has also cracked and peeled and now I have a blurry video. Is there any solution to this?

My Doorbell 2 is also peeling. Can I get a replacement too?

My doorbell 2 also has a peeling lens, how do I get a replacement.

Hi @Reginamckenna. You’ll want to reach out to our support team so they can review the warranty on your Ring Doorbell and determine if a replacement is the right call. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

My doorbell is peeling as well. The video is bad due to that fact. I just contacted Ring and spoke with a representative, the guy was very sarcastic, he said is not under warranty and is nothing they can do just to send me a code with a 35% discount. This is s manufacture issue. They should be responsible for it. I will not buy any more Ring products again and i will discontinue my service.
The Ring representative walk me thru how to disliking my Ring acct with Amazon and when i asked him to walk me thru link it again the guy alleged that he don’t know lol. This people are a JOKE, i am very disappointed with Ring


Hi my ring 2 doorbell screen has peeled of as you can see I have cleaned it but it’s still not clear can you advise what I should do

Noticed my lens had started to peel away checked all camera footage and nothing shows when it happened the footage just went from clear to blurry down one side. After reading these comments I’m very upset I bought this camera cause I’m a single woman with a violent ex who stalked me and I bought this for security and peace of mind now due to no fault of my own it’s useless!

Double check that when you installed it that you removed all of the protective plastic film. I have seen a few cases on here of it being left on causing a peeling effect. Might not be the case here but always something to check. Ring should stop including the plastic film on the devices, it would cut down on plastic waste as well.

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I had the same experience. Terrible. And that is true 1 year warranty is a joke!!! This is a manufacture problem.

Peeling as well now blurry. I was ready to buy 2 more of these. Glad I had not already done so. If anyone figures out a way to help with the blurriness, I will be watching for it. Very disappointing.

Yeah mine peeled back in December too. Now anything that reflects light is blurred out.

Just had the same issue of de-lamination and customer service said that they never seen it before.
Also out of warranty so got a 35% off coupon. Has anyone tried to clean the smudge with acetone or goo gone ??

Just tried Goof off and it helped a lot.
Pretty close to the state it was before it de-laminated. Ring should step up and provide a replacement housing rather than making us spend money on a new camera.

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I am having the same issue. This is ridiculous.

Guess I’ll try some goo-b-gone and see if it helps.

I am having the same peeling issue as well. Ring will only allow a 35% discount . Such crap when this is obviously a KNOWN QUALITY ISSUE. Ring needs to back up their product and not throw up their hands just because warranty is only 1 years. They are producing a crapping product and expecting the consumer to keep replacing. This is already my replacement with the same issue tat just happened a year ago. Bad service & I’ll be issuing a BBB complaint.