Doorbell 2 help

I have a Ring Doorbell 2 (battery operated) and I can not seem to get the correct zone setup the way I like it. It has the 2 circles (dark blue for people, light blue for cars). If I bring back the light blue it also brings back the dark blue and it doesn’t pick up until someone is at my door. We want to pick them up entering my gate. If I entend the circles then it picks up every car coming down my street. How come Ring doesn’t allow you to move just the dark circle out further to pick up people farther out? Seems like that would be a great option. I did select the new “people only” feature but it still picking up and recording every car. I also did put a wedge to angle it lore down but didn’t help. Thanks for any help

Hey neighbors! You’ve certainly taken all the correct steps to optimize your motion detection, as trial and error is often the best way to perfect it. Our battery powered devices utilizes heat based motion detection. This means objects like cars, a nearby warm appliance or even heating vent in the area might be detected depending on temperature.

Our Wedge or Corner kits are the best way to physically alter the angle of your device. If you are receiving too many alerts due to vehicle traffic, I recommend checking out the motion frequency setting in your Ring app. If you feel that your changes to motion settings are not taking effect, please check your RSSI (signal strength), as well as try removing and reinstalling the app on your mobile device.

Motion keeps going off when no movement at all is detected, yes I have repositioned the door bell, it doesn’t face the road or walkway and I have reduced the area to the minimum, getting frustrated now thinking I have a faulty unit.

any help would be much appreciated.