Doorbell 2. Doesn't ring. Connected, but light keeps spinning

Hi. I recently started having problems with my doorbell 2. When someone press the button, the light just spinn for a long time. Same when I try to watch live view, keeps trying to connect to the doorbell. The doorbell is connected in the app with the Internet. Signal strength miss sound -62, and when testing internet speed next to it, it is around 70 -100mbps. I bought a new battery since the old one drained in 2 days.

Dont know if it matters, when i reconnect to internett, my neighbors internet shows a bit stronger signals then mine.

For the moment - disregard the app and the doorbell.

Go to your router’s configuration. Look at the ‘status’ or ‘device list’ information.

Do you see your doorbell listed ?

I’m using Airties mesh network. In the Airties app, my doorbell is not listed.

Hi @Tasaran. Check out our Community post here about RSSI. A quick test that you can do to see if your signal at the Doorbell is causing the problem, try moving the Doorbell to the same room as the router and see if you still have the same problems. Alternatively, you can always connect your Doorbell to a wifi hotspot to achieve the same results. If this is an issue related to your RSSI, a Chime Pro could help! :smiley: