Doorbell 2 - does NOT CHARGE battery properly when hardwired!

I’m really tired of spending so much time on this but I have come to the conclusion that hardwired Ring Doorbells just don’t work. I have a 2nd edition (2020 version) that I’ve fought with for 6 months. The voltages are all good, the existing chime works, the signal strength is good, the battery is fully charged when I install it…and then within 3-4 weeks, the battery is dead. The battery actually lasts longer if it is NOT hardwired (probably because the ring doesn’t light up all the time). I called support, reset it, tried all their suggestions, they actually sent me a replacement doorbell…and the new one does EXACTLY the same thing. These forums are FILLED with people having the same problem and there’s nothing but deflections from Ring…your voltage is wrong, it’s too cold, you have too many events, etc, etc, etc. The fact is…this thing just doesn’t work. They probably will never admit it, but I don’t think their design works. That’s why they just released a new Ring Doorbell Wired model - it has no battery! That suggests to me they finally figured out how to make something work hardwired - but the whole wired/battery combination just doesn’t work. The best doorbell - the Google Nest - doesn’t have a battery either. Not just a coincidence, I think. I just wish I hadn’t wasted dozens and dozens of hours over the last 6 months trying to make this work if it doesn’t work. Just admit it already!


Wow. First time visit to the forum and shocked to see so many people having this problem, which only JUST started for me after 2years and 2 Chicago winters. I just dropped from 100% to 6 in 1 week. Customer service has been useless.

Nothing wrong with my wiring or settings (minimal draws) or temperature (50-60F). This seems like either a battery that no longer can accept a charge ( which Ring denies is a known issue) or a software problem on Ring’s side.

RING: WHAT IS GOING ON?!! Figure it out or replace our batteries ASAP!!

Follow up: So with no meaningful change in weather or settings, the battery has “magically” returned to 100%. RING: WAS THERE A RECENT FIRMWARE UPDATE? If you identified a problem and fixed it, thanks, BUT TELL YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF!

@Marley_Ring. Any comment??

Hi there, neighbors! When it comes to charging your Video Doorbell battery with power supplied from wiring, there are many variables to consider. Not just in the wiring, but the environment and usage as well. Check out our Community post about battery drain to understand what will impact battery. I recommend also visiting this Hardwiring Guide for Battery Powered Video Doorbells, as it is full of tips that helped me to optimize this experience.

If these steps have been covered to no avail and a closer look is needed, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.