Doorbell 2 compatibility

After installing Doorbell2 as hardwired, my chime was buzzing. I then found it on the incompatiability list. So I have removed Doorbell2, but the chime continued to buzz or hum.

I have disconnected the wires to the chime. Is this normal for Ring to ‘blowout’ the chime or transformer? Any suggestions on what is ‘broken’?

Now I will have to install and just use the battery.

Did you install the diode that came with your ring 2?

I did not install the diode, its an old mechanical chime. This morning I checked the button wires again and one was broke, probably when pushing it back in. Fixed that, reconnected wires to the chime and it works again and no buzzing.

I wish Ring was more forward with the incompatiability listing. Wasn’t something I thought of. I found it by googling.

Now I have to fix the stucco.

Thanks for your reply.